About Natyskin

We all started by a Director Called naty willaim from Sweden. The story started at 21 of her life claiming from many problems in the skin. She faced many bullies in her life from Uni Mates from part-time job staff. She started to search for a tool that can help in Improving the skin and handy in the Same Time


Handy Tool can improve after searching she found y a very ahrd way the microneedling tool with bad quality . she decidetd to make her own product after the in 2017 . 

The first time I witnessed the magic of microneedly. I sat in a room at a dermatologist’s office, holding my sister’s iced tea and watching her face bleed. (She’d gotten enough topical anesthesia to numb an elephant—don’t worry.) But the results were worth it: Her skin was glowing and clear just in time for her wedding.

“Microneedling is the creation of small micro-channels and injuries to your skin with acupuncture-size needles,” says Melissak levin , M.D., a dermatologist at Dermatology in New York City. “Your body will respond to these micro-injuries naturally by stimulating and producing collagen, which can treat fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks, acne scars, and textural concerns.”

But all of that payoff is the work of in-office microneedling, which requires a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist as well as good layer of anesthesia, depending on your pain tolerance.